Munaa Primary and Secondary School - Munaa School is located in Miembeni, Zanzibar, and was opened in 2007 as a kindergarten with only 4 students and 2 teachers.  The school has expanded to include a primary and a secondary school with over 400 students and 29 teachers.  Last year KILEO donated $750 to help fund a science lab in the secondary school.

Kotela School - KILEO spent over $6,000 to print and deliver textbooks to the Kotela Primary school in Marangu, Tanzania. Before delivering the textbooks, the school had 1 text for every 5 students. Afterwards, the school had a text for every 2 students. KILEO had the standard texts printed in Tanzania and hand-delivered them to Kotela School. Marangu is located on the southeastern slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Waluka Primary School - Waluka Primary School is a rural school located in Western Province, Kenya with an enrollment of 450 students.  Teacher/student ratio is approximately 1 teacher for 50 students, and students share benches due to a lack of student desks.  The school expressed a desperate need for the necessary equipment to prepare and print examinations.  In June 2017, KILEO purchased a computer, printer/copy machine, and power supply which was personally delivered to the school.  In the future we expect the equipment to facilitate communication with a partner school in the US.   


 Uzima Centre -  KILEO has supported the Uzima Centre in Ilemela (Mwanza). The Centre supports persons suffering from HIV/AIDS as well as children whose parents have died or are suffering from HIV/AIDS. The Uzima Centre is operated by the Maryknoll Lay Missioners. Mwanza is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Victoria.


Huruma - KILEO continues to support Huruma, a school for disabled children who cannot attend regular schools. There is no provision for disabled children in the public school system in Tanzania. The school was built and operated by the Maryknoll Lay Missioners, but no longer receives support from this organization. Huruma is located in Mwanza. Click here for an in-depth look into the Huruma school.

Barjomot Scholarship Foundation - Believing that every child deserves an education, the Barjomot Scholarship Foundation provides motivated yet impoverished children in Barjomot Village, Tanzania, with scholarships to attend a local secondary school. The BSF matches sponsors like KILEO with bright and underprivileged students who are looking to further their education, even though their families live in poverty and cannot pay school fees. Contact Barjomot Scholarship Foundation c/o Carol Quandt, 3073 NW Greenbriar Place, Corvallis, OR 97330.

Between the Islands Education Scholarship - KILEO has sponsored 3 students from Pemba since 2013 as part of the Zanzibar Outreach Program (ZOP) for Between the Islands Education Scholarship (BIES). BIES was set up for children who were orphaned due to a ferry tragedy that occurred in 2011. More information on ZOP is available at


Play360 - KILEO has worked with non-profit Play360 in Tanzania. Playgrounds foster skills needed for the 21st centure: collaboration, cooperation, creativity and innovation. A safe, inviting, dynamic playground gives children—in any community—the opportunity to challenge and explore their world. Play 360 trains organizations to build low-cost sustainable playgrounds as a means of improving education throughout the developing world. Learn more at

Gospel Believers Children Centre - More than 20 years ago Pastor Kimawachi and his wife began to improve the lives of children in Kibera, a Nairobi slum, he says “we have been able to bring many children from the slum and some from the community in Kitale". The organization provides the children with shelter, food, clothing, education, medical care, and parenting. Currently  the organization supports 9 children in different universities within Kenya, 4 in middle colleges, 33 in high school, and over 60 children in primary school.  For information, contact Pastor Patrick Kimawachi at


Kama School - Over 2.5 billion people in the world live without proper sanitation, including children in Kama, Zanzibar.  Students at the Kama School only have 1 bathroom for over 1,000 people.  On an island with dysentery, typhoid, and cholera, this is a dire situation.  These students also need desks.  Those who are lucky to have a seat are crammed on a bench while the rest sit on the concrete floors.  Supporting this project provides these children hope and makes their learning environment better.