Our Mission


The mission of Kilimanjaro Education Outreach (KILEO) is to improve quality of life in East Africa through education.  Research has shown that men and women with more education earn higher incomes, enjoy better health, have smaller families and are less prone to domestic violence. Educated parents are also more likely to encourage their children to become better educated.

People who volunteer for KILEO—many of them students, teachers and also  parents—have learned that education has made a major difference in their lives. The KILEO vision involves providing educational materials such as books, maps and globes for schools and libraries, awarding scholarships to deserving children and partnering with other non-profits who are working toward similar goals. These informal partnerships involve a variety of people and perspectives. (link to Projects page) Yet KILEO volunteers share a belief in the value of education.

“Elimu ni ufunguo wa maisha,” a Swahili proverb, means “Education is the key to life.”