Our Mission


The mission of Kilimanjaro Education Outreach (KILEO) is to improve quality of life in East Africa through education.  The KILEO vision involves helping students, schools and libraries directly or working with carefully-chosen non-profit partners. 

We who volunteer for KILEO have learned that education has made a major difference in our own lives. We’ve also learned that education yields many benefits over time for students, families, communities and regions.

Your direct donations, along with the proceeds from the annual Taste of East Africa, help to make this vision real. Some students in East Africa receive help with school fees and uniforms. Others receive stipends or scholarships. Schools and libraries welcome teaching aids: books, maps or globes. Donations to KILEO’s partner organizations help to provide special education, health education or vocational education for those in need. 
Our partner organizations involve a variety of people and perspectives. Yet we all share a belief in the value of education.


“Elimu ni ufunguo wa maisha,”

“Education is the key to life.”



There are several ways you can make a difference!  Please visit our Get Involved page to see what you can do!